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In Polk County and nearby ones, it is common to see many residential, and even commercial properties, have classic and traditional roofs that match the entire property in the rest of the elements. There is a lot of beauty in these designs, but it is not cheap nor easy to obtain them. Many people who decide to go for this option are willing and expecting to spend a fortune in the type of roofing that allows them to get the desired results. Slate, clay tiles, and stylish shingles are among the most used ones but also, the most expensive.

Slate is considered the most expensive roofing system among all the types and options that exist. We cannot deny it looks amazing and stunning after installed, and it is easy to fall in love with it. However, it is not always a good option to spend so much money when you could find a similar roofing system for less and still get what you want without almost 0% difference. For classic and traditional beauty, metal roofs can be what you need to get the aesthetics you want, save money in the process, and have an even larger variety of designs and colors. It sounds weird to use metal for such a project or idea in mind.

People relate classic and traditional with other roofs that look rustic instead of a bit plain like metal. But you can obtain specific results with the last one when using the proper additions and extra elements that go over the material itself. In this case, stone-coated steel is incredible to achieve what you want and you will have the same premium result without paying for it.

The installation is easier, simpler, and can be handled in less time than others. The steel provides safety since there is no way the tiles or panels will crack nor split, and it is not common for metal roofs, in general, to fall apart without a particular reason or severe damage. If you have your doubts, you can look at it with your own eyes. Many of the properties you admire from afar have stone-coated steel instead of options like slate and clay.

But you do not really notice the difference, do you? That is completely normal and the good part of going for metal: because it imitates not only classic and traditional looks well but rather every design in the market. You can notice it with some perspective and a very close look. When you are aware of it being a metal roof is when you actually start noticing it, or you just make up your mind and keep repeating it does not look like metal but it looks amazing. We promise you that this option will not disappoint and can be the turning point for your project in order to save time, budget, and get something better for less.

What does it take to have a stunning stone-coated steel roof? 

Even when you decide to go for this option and material in specific, you still need to look at different styles and designs. Before going there, you must know the extra elements such as the coating over the metal, the cover, and all the extra additions to prevent—for example—the noise can be chosen for you. Knowing this, you can start thinking about what the process will take and how difficult it will be. 

But do not do it just to consider if you can install it on your own. Metal roofs are light and what makes them easy to install, but a simple mistake like choosing the wrong nails or fasteners, and placing something in the wrong spot, can cost you everything. This is why it will take something simple: hiring qualified contractors and experts. 

Our company Mid-Florida Metal Roof Contractors of Lakeland has been in the industry for over two decades and can assist you in everything related to stone-coated steel and other metal systems. We can install, repair, conduct maintenance, re-roof, and provide many other services for you to have an incredible result in your property. The cost of the material plus our fee will not be a problem since we help property owners to spend as little as possible. 

This is why we work around your budget and give other options in designs and styles in case you are not able to afford one or do not want to pay for it. This is the beauty of metal and steel, you have many options that can take the place of another for less without sacrificing too much in the process. Of course, knowing what is better or worse takes experience and knowledge in the area that all our experts have. We know you are already evaluating the idea of going for stone-coated, and we are happy to know this. 

Instead of rushing the decisions and wanting to start the project right away without having a good picture of what you want in mind, take your time. We are here to help you with everything, and that includes decision-making it does not matter how long it takes. Therefore, keep in mind that with us you not only have contractors that will listen to all your preferences when they know those are not the best options, or you can get more with other types and elements. We will speak up our mind while respecting what you think and want to do at the end. But this will give you information that can help with every decision you will have to make. 

That being said, hard work is a piece of cake after all the decisions have been made. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start working on all the elements. For more information about stone-coated and know if your property can have it or not, make sure to call, email, or visit us. We will answer all your questions and even conduct a free inspection to determine important points and clear all doubts.  

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