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Tapered surfaces are not easy to deal with, especially when it comes to roofs that require some new elements or maybe… just an entirely new roofing system. When you are dealing with tapered roofs, you need to think about the best materials that can help you to get the desired result. For example, what option do you think can make you have a well-installed and good-looking result?

Most people believe that using tiles is the secret since you can fix small pieces better in a ‘weird’ shaped roof. Well, we are not so sure about that. Most types of tiles cannot be cut easily and it is not simple to obtain a stunning design and style with them. This is why we would recommend going for options that involve two characteristics:

  • You can mold the material and fit it properly in the tapered area.
  • You can handle it without wasting material or struggling with trying to obtain the desired design.

In those cases, the best option tends to be metal and the main reason is what will convince you right away: you can cut the material. Most metal roofing systems come in panels regardless of the material you choose unless you are going for tiles and shingles. Now, the panels allow people to cut them however they want and make the idea of tapered roofs possible without having to spend a lot of time and effort. Of course, cutting regular panels and shaping them to be placed as tapered ones is something only professional cutters and roofers can handle.

Otherwise, it is very easy to waste the material and never get the desired result. First, you need a specific machine to cut the panels according to the tapered roof you are working with. Fixed cutters will not do the trick since they cannot help to obtain the right angle for cutting and obtaining the tapered panel. Besides, this takes a lot of ability and experience only a few people in the industry can offer.

At Mid-Florida Metal Roof Contractors of Lakeland, we have well-trained, experienced, and qualified cutters and roofers that can help you with the entire project. We know how hard is to obtain a specific shape and installing tapered panels is not any different since we are the only ones that know how to place them to obtain the final design. We have worked with property owners that do not have anything in mind nor an existing roof. And with others that have a disaster as roofs.

In both situations, we have done our best in providing the results people deserve and want. It is not going to be easy, but if you want to make things move faster without sacrificing style, durability, and longevity for your roof, metal is definitely the only one for you.

Why choose tapered panels and metal roofs?

One thing is for sure about metal: you can get longevity and durability no matter the system and final material you choose. All of the—zinc, aluminum, copper, and steel—, provide the same benefits and although one works better with salt-water corrosion and others to prevent rust, you can choose any of them if there is a preference. That being said, metal roofs are cheap, and when it comes to dealing with tapered surfaces, you can save even more money than usual. 

You do not have to buy extra material in the first place since the panels are long enough to have extra in case there is a space that still needs to be covered. And besides coating or other additions, for example, to prevent noise from being present in your property, there is nothing else to consider at the moment of spending money. Now, a problem for most people when it comes to metal is the idea of having a plain look. Well, the variety of colors and styles do not fall behind with the rest of the elements involved with metal roofs. 

You can choose from over 40 different colors and rest assured that in the case of tapered panels, you do not always have to go for the most common design: vertical. You can cut but also bend any type of metal however you like when you own the right equipment and tools and know-how to do it. We can achieve or get many different results for you and there is no need to struggle with this. Our contractors and experts have been working with metal for over 15 years, and although we have some new ones, we make sure to supervise them or give this difficult task to the most experienced ones only. 

Will you regret going for tapered panels?

Not at all. We can see you will be completely happy about going for them at the end. You see, it is true tapered panels made of metal and the previous materials end up being an investment. 

They are a bit more expensive than other options like asphalt, and you will have to sacrifice more money. However, when you think about the results and how long they will last, you stop worrying about this. You have different options according to your budget as well. 

If you choose steel instead of aluminum—for example—, you will have to pay more and if you are not able to spend that much money, you can go back to aluminum or even zinc that are nothing but amazing as well. Everything works around what you want, need and can pay. We are here to help you with the tough task of cutting and installing, but feel free to ask your questions and allow our experts to answer them. 

We want you to be sure about your decisions and for this, we can show you different results we have achieved with tapered panels and how we work with them. For this and more, you can visit us anytime or just call and email in order to obtain the extra information. 

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