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Considering the roofing system you are going to install in your property takes a lot of work. First, you need to make a decision about the material you are going to use. Based on this, you move onto the next choice that consists of the design or style you want, and once this is over, you can start thinking about the entire system you want as a whole picture. In some cases, choosing the material is the only choice to make since some are very plain or simple and do not require extra decision-making. But when it comes to options such as metal roofs, things will take time.

Metal roofing systems come in a large variety of colors, materials, designs, coatings, and more. In a few words, it is not as easy as others such as slate or clay. And some options that come only in tiles and two or three colors. But before continuing with this, you are probably asking why would you choose metal roofs. The systems made of this material are amazing and bring several benefits to the property.

One of them is the durability and the rest lies in the longevity and resistance of the material. Now, is metal the only option as the main material? To make it simpler and clearer, there are several minerals and therefore, options when it comes to metal roofs.

You can choose from aluminum to zinc, or copper and steel. All of them have very specific characteristics that make each one perfect for some situations, mostly when the climate of the city where the property is located is involved. So far, this is a lot to process and we are not even halfway through, but we started with the right foot because you already know the basics and what it will take first to come to a final decision in metal roofs.

How many metal roofing systems are available?

If we summarize them to the number of materials available, we can say 4 in total. However, when you go deeper into the number, you can notice the final number is larger. For steel, you can access different options depending on the shape, panel, or shingle of the steel and how you want it to be. As for aluminum, the options are a bit more reduced.

You need to have a good look at the options available not only in a manner of counting them and trying to put each one in the group that corresponds. After all, the brand and manufacturers also matter when it comes to roofing in general. It is not simple to understand everything that entails choosing a ‘simple’ roof for a commercial or residential property, which is why going for professionals is the best option. At Mid-Florida Metal Roof Contractors of Lakeland, our experts can help you with the entire process. From choosing materials and getting to the final system to installing it and conducting repairs and maintenance in the future.

We have all the knowledge about metal roofs and how to handle them. Therefore, we are not just the company that will take in its hand the tough task of doing the hard work but also the task of advising you to make the best and right decisions. Keep in mind that our advising focuses on what you need but also on what you can pay since we are aware that prices and costs are relevant for all clients. We can also provide extra information about the roofing systems in a more customized way for you to not get lost with the details that matter and the others that are just extra. Our website also includes specific information about installing, repairing, or maintaining the most requested systems among both commercial and residential owners.

What is the best roofing system for you?

Everything tends to be decided once you choose the material. At least, when you are trying to cover needs more than the aesthetics of the roof at the end. Therefore, you need to know the benefits of each material and compare each one to determine not only the one you like but feel is the best in the long-term.

In the case of aluminum, it works amazing for places where salt-water corrosion is frequent due to its resistance. While copper has a low melting temperature that makes it perfect for the hottest weather.

Steel comes in three different variations that fit well with all types of climate and it tends to be more about the design you want and the structure of your property. Choosing steel usually requires an inspection even more not because you might not be able to install it but rather to know what is the best variation for it. The good part about it is that using the right coating and additions, you can obtain the same look with either galvanized, galvalume, or weathering steel.

Finally, zinc is what many people prefer since it is the one with the longest life-cycle. It can last over 60 years with proper maintenance and repairs when required. The resistance to corrosion is similar to aluminum and you can use it in any structure and climate. From here onwards, choosing colors and styles is what takes place.

Make sure to let our contractors and experts help you to not only make the best decision but also do it fast and start the project as soon as possible. Also, keep in mind our metal roofing system services not only apply for installations but everything involved now and in the future. Therefore, count on us for everything you need now and will need later on in either a very near future or far one. You can have more information about each system by contacting us and asking all your questions. Our staff will love to talk with you and make things clear before jumping into action. We are sure you also prefer this so you can feel comfortable with what we offer, do, and will deliver.

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