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Re-roofing (Retrofitting) Metal Roofs in Lakeland

When your roof is damaged or years have passed and it is time to do something about it, everything can seem expensive. The truth is roofs are expensive when it comes to dealing with new ones after their life-cycle has come to an end. However, we can all agree it is an investment and necessary expense if you want to continue without leaks or worse problems that affect your home or business. Therefore, it is not something you can delay when there is no more time to do so.

When it comes to dealing with old and damaged roofs, replacing them is what most people consider after several repairs have taken place. It is wise to think about this option since everyone needs a new roof at some point. But when it is actually necessary to go for the replacement option? In the case of some roofing systems, you will always have to go for it after they are no longer reliable nor functional.

Some exceptions such as metal roofs will not make you spend so much money in replacement. When it comes to this type, re-roofing or retrofitting is what most people choose. But this is only possible thanks to the durability, longevity, and quality offered for this roofing system regardless of the specific metal or design you chose to install.

Metal roofs can last for over 50 years, and some like zinc or aluminum can offer even more years of efficiency and durability. Replacing it can indeed be a bit more expensive compared to the first installation, which is why people always consider retrofitting first or, at least, they should. Just make sure to find a reliable and qualified company with well-trained and experienced contractors or experts.

Re-roofing is not simple and since the experts will be dealing with a damaged or old roof, things cannot go wrong in any possible way if you want it to be a success. This is why you can contact us with your eyes closed. We, Tampa Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team, are a company specialized in this field, and retrofitting is part of our strong services and specialties.

We have helped over a hundred owners—for both residential and commercial properties—to re-roof their metal roofing systems and guarantee more years of an amazing experience with them. No one has been disappointed with the results since we take all the necessary steps before proceeding to perform the service. We are not up to provide mediocre results, especially when the safety of many people is at stake.

How do you know you need re-roofing?

The answer is simple: when you notice your roof is quite damaged or you feel it may need to be replaced. The signs of needing a retro-fit are the same as if you were going to replace the entire system. Of course, replacement is usually saved for situations that cannot be solved due to how deteriorated and damaged the metal is. However, to give you a more proper answer: most metal roofing systems need and can be re-roofed when the painted metal shows a lot of deterioration, presence of rust all over the roof or it has been installed for over 40 years.

It is easy to determinate those aspects since the roof will show them to you by giving problems such as leaks, gutter, and more. Now, what will give you a certain answer? In those cases, inspection is even more than necessary. We cannot tell you while being 100% sure about our answer, that you will need it without having inspected it. After all, you might need some repairs and maintenance instead of retrofitting.

You can still go for it even when it is not entirely necessary if you are aiming for prevention and giving your roofing system more years of use beforehand. But if you are aiming for the cheapest option that will solve your problems, we will be honest about you needing or not after a free inspection has been conducted for our experts and contractors.

What are the benefits of re-roofing and not replacing it?

First, you do not have to go through the process of removing your old roof, which takes a lot of time, effort, and extra money. This alone helps people to decide if they want to re-roof it or replace the entire panels or shingles.

Other benefits such as maintaining the original design, style, and being able to enjoy the roof for many other years without worrying about critical problems, are not less relevant. There are many options in retrofitting a metal roofing and this allows anyone to have an opportunity for it. Besides, there is no exception when it comes to what metal roofing system can handle it or not.

All designs, types, and systems can take the retrofitting option and save time and money for their owners. The retrofit option—to be more specific about the concept—is a bit different from the re-roof ones. Therefore, you will have variety and our experts will make sure to suggest the most suitable one.

Rest assured that with our help and services you will not have to worry about your metal roofing system falling apart. Just make sure to contact us on time. The line between needing a replacement instead of re-roofing is very thin and you can end up missing the chance for it. We always recommend owners to contact us as soon as they know their roofs have suffered a lot of damage or it has been a while since they installed despite performing periodical maintenance.

Remember that we will conduct a free inspection if required and if you need proofs, reasons, and answers to decide on going for this option or not. We will never push you to choose something if you are not well-informed and it is not what you want or prefer. Keep this in mind all the time and put your trust in us to start working on your roof right away.

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