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Tiles are popular when it comes to roofs and even other parts or areas of a property. The design and style you can get with them is amazing and adapts perfectly to any idea you have in mind. However, concrete or clay tile roofs are not cheap, and even if you find a good price for them, do you think any of them is the best option? If you ask me, I would definitely recommend to evaluate all the options available and see what offers more in terms of quality, aesthetics, and price.

We tend to make decisions based on other’s people designs or for what we see on the Internet. Sometimes, we even go over our budget in every possible way in order to obtain the same although the results could be similar and even better with less money.

In the case of wanting a tile roof that gives the specific design they provide, you do not have to go for clay or concrete all the time. Apart from being expensive, they can be dangerous when you think about one, two, or more falling while time passes. And the maintenance is not simple when you might need to replace them more than repairing any of those tiles.

In that case, what would we recommend? Metal tile roofs are amazing to obtain the same results and even provide more benefits when it comes to longevity and durability. You need to know that metal roofing is a good option when it comes to cost-efficiency, and the previous two benefits despite the type of metal you choose. After all, part of their success and benefits is thanks to the coating you apply while installing them.

There is a lot involved in metal tile but we guarantee you one thing: you will obtain that style you have always wanted for less money, time, and effort.

What is different from metal tile and concrete or clay tile? 

A metal tile roof is lighter than any other type of tile roof—especially concrete, clay, and even asphalt. This allows experts and people, in general, to handle the installation, repair, or replacement quite easily and without any risks in the process. Now, people worry more about aesthetics than the aspects that really matter—durability, cost, and longevity. It is true metal tiles will look a bit different from concrete or clay due to the shining surface they usually have. 

However, it is good to point out the large variety of designs and styles they have. As we mentioned before, the coating is a crucial element in how the final result will look and if it passes the performance test. You can make it shine even more or get a more natural look with the right coating. No, unlike what most people believe, it is not about getting several metal tiles and just placing them.

It is also about how they are treated and coated before doing so in order to get the desired and needed results. Keep in mind that the coating you choose will also bring benefits to fight against heat, cold, and other conditions depending on the city you reside or the property is located. And you can make it last much longer as well. When it comes to clay and concrete, it is more about placing them right after buying the tiles. The huge disadvantage with these last two is that you usually cannot repair a tile; why would you do it in the first place? 

When they break during a fall or damage from any source, you only have the option of replacing them. Metal tile roofs can be repaired and the possibility of them being damaged is low. We are not telling you to forget about other options, but metal tiles are definitely the best choice for both commercial and residential properties. 

Where can you get and install metal tiles?

We at Tampa Metal Roofing Installation & Repair Team know everything about this material, and tiles are not the exception when it comes to the option and designs available. Actually, we believe it is the best roofing system in the market in both commercial and residential. 

After all, it provides many colors, designs, and a large variety of possibilities for homeowners that are looking for a specific look. All this while being able to get a roof that will stand the performance, durability, and longevity test. 

We do not have to tell you why it is amazing for commercial properties after mentioning the previous part. If you decide to go for metal tiles, we will provide the necessary ones to get the project done after inspecting your roof and structure. Now, it is always necessary to go for professionals in this area to make sure everything is in place.

Metal tiles are known for allowing properties to prevent leaks and common problems when it rains or snows. But this benefit could be forgotten with only a single thing wrong during the installation and repair. Therefore, leave it to us and we will provide the best results. Knowing all this, we want to answer a few questions our previous and current clients have always asked us and we are sure you have in mind:

  • Is it expensive to install it? 

Not at all. It is incredibly cost-efficient and due to all the metal options available, you can go for low-budget types in case you are limited in how much you can pay. Besides, our company works around your budget and we will never charge unreasonable amounts of money for our services, only fair prices we will discuss with you before everything.

  • Does it take some maintenance? 

Just like any type of roof, metal tile roofs need maintenance to be performed every once in a while, but it is not as often as other roofing systems.

  • Can I install it over an existing roof? 

You can without problems. Metal roofing overall is known for allowing people to have a change of design and roof without having to remove the existing one. This saves them a lot of money, time, and effort, and allows professionals and companies like us to have a base where we can work easily and faster. Of course, we always make sure to inspect the roof to determine if it is necessary to be removed, repaired, or completely replaced before installing the tiles.

To know more about this service and metal roofing option, feel free to contact us anytime and ask all your questions to our personnel that can be found in Tampa, and over 7 different cities. 

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